Guide to Getting Started
at Divergent Role-Playing Wiki!!!

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Welcome to the Camp Half-Blood Roleplaying Wiki! I'm sure you have many questions and there is a distinct possiblity that reading this guide carefully will answer any and all questions you have. However, if it doesn't, please feel free to contact a member of the our administration team. I am sure you are eager to get started.

Below you will find helpful information on the process of joining, getting claimed and participating on this wiki. Each tab holds important information that will help guide you through your experience here.

If you don't have a wikia account yet, you'll need one. To do that, go to the top right, and click 'register'. Then, fill out the form presented. Keep in mind, your username does not need to be and shouldn't be the name of your character. It shouldn't include any personal information either. Instead, try to come up with something interesting, or use a username you use for a different service, such as e-mail. When you are registered, move on to the next step. Also, DO remember your username and password to prevent further problems with your account and wiki activities.

There are other wiki's that allow "anons" to edit, an anon is someone who doesn't have an official account so instead their edits are tracked by their ip address. However, on this wiki due to the way our policies work, we require anyone who wishes to join, to have an account and be signed in. This way we are better able to track users and their characters.