You are now in your choosing ceremony...Choose a faction. Do you stay in your birth-faction or do you transfer?

One choice defines who you will be. Choose carefully. There are currently 6 Factions namely Amity, Abnegation, Erudite, Dauntless, Candor and the new one, Allure, though the people plan on adding more. The story of Tris and her companions have long passed Chicago, it has changed the whole city and how it's being run. The enthusiastic faction leaders AKA the Administration team would gladly want you on board our roleplay wiki. We provide you with activities to take part in. There is a variety of roleplay locations such as the Hub and the Millenium Park. Please choose your faction and remember, there's no turning back...

To start your journey, please visit our guide, consisting of a few short steps to help you fit right in. Please talk to a member of our administration team if you have any clarifications or is in need of any help.

DIVERGENTWIKI Faction before blood...are you willing to pay the price?



Edit the board here. This board is to show any information relative to the roleplaying environment, either in character or out of character. For instance, if you'd like to announce the death of one of your characters, or disappearance, or anything that other users should know.